by Gaybriel Stubbs and Brie French-Sorgini

Minimalism. Bright and bold colors. Inspiration. Note-worthy messages. These are a few components needed for a brand to constantly capture the attention of its audience. What reels people in the most is when a brand goes full throttle with their aesthetic, persona, and their message. A few of our favorite brands that are always on their Instagram marketing A-game are Refinery29, Charity Water, and Adidas. Here’s a look at what we love most about them and what they’ve done right to regularly pull us into a deep feed scroll for hours on end.

Let’s start with Refinery29. Every single day, women are reminded on why their girl power is what this world needs. The bright, bold colors and funky graphics are playful, addicting, and make you think outside of the box, which consequently puts you in a good mood and bolsters your creativity. From the funny memes, to the portraits of women who remind us to love our flaws, and the spot-on quotes you need to keep you pushing through the day, Refinery29’s account has every element its target audience could possible desire.

Charity Water
If you’re looking for #morelife and images that inspire you to want to make a change, then check out Charity Water. This organization is literally changing the world by bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in need around the world. Each post puts a name and a face to the people and places the organization is directly effecting, and making a difference.  One thing we love about following Charity Water is that we always leave this page smiling. It’s contagious.

Adidas made a huge comeback, and has truly nailed their Instagram marketing strategy. The brand resurrected their old school products, and marketed them in a way that they’ve become a staple brand in the clothing and shoe collection of possibly every person under the age of 30 on this planet. When you go to brands Instagram feed, he first thing you’ll notice is that some people you recognize, and some you don’t. Instead of solely focusing on athletes, the brand focuses on creative ways the brand is implemented into different people’s lives, whether it’s for style, comfort, or athletic purposes. There are many different faces and people representing Adidas, which makes the brand relatable to a larger target audience. And their brand ambassadors are on point, ranging from famous faces like Snoop and Kylie Jenner, and other less recognizable Youtube stars and leaders of various industries.

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