by Janice Chung

The creative team at Vedia proud to announce that our new website is LIVE! We are beyond excited to have the opportunity to expand our reach and engage with clients worldwide. As the creation of the final website involved the manpower of our entire team, we thought we would share a look into our creative process, from the inception of the idea through the website’s execution.

1.) Project Concept and Scope
While we love our parent company, Village Print & Media, we wanted to create our own separate website to really demonstrate our creativity and capabilities – not only through our client work, but also through the flow and design of our site itself. Our overall mission for the website was to clearly present ourselves as a tight-knit team of innovative individuals that provide a multitude of design, media, and web services to a variety of businesses. Additionally, we aimed to add a bit of cheeky flair throughout the pages to showcase our personalities and connect with potential clients on a more personal level. Once we decided on the overall look and feel of our website, we designated project roles within our team, met at least twice a week for discussions and revisions, and began developing a timeline for our launch.

2.) Sitemap & Wireframe
Before we could begin working on the front-end design and creating the visual elements that would define the website, we had to plan out the underlying structure. After doing some research, we decided on the best platform to build out the site and mapped out how the different pages would be interconnected. Our goals during this stage were to establish a strong yet simple navigational system that would be consistent and user friendly to maximize efficiency. Once we organized the flow of the site, the next step was creating the wireframe. We went through multiple iterations of design templates and looked at other well-designed websites for inspiration.

3.) Front-End Design
Following the finalization of the structural components, we began incorporating our brand colors and typefaces, and as well as the illustrations that would accentuate our theme. We created animated headers for each page in the same manner of our brand video to reinforce our brand, and implemented custom illustrations and lettering to each page for a quirky touch.

4.) Back-End Development
As our designers continued creating the visual components for the front-end, our developers got started on the back-end based on the final wireframe. We started fleshing out the HTML and CSS portions, inserting new media, and updating our content. Our team members all worked closely to tweak and adjust the design of the site as needed.

5.) Testing & Launch
Prior to the official release of our new website, we went through several prototypes in order to troubleshoot technical issues and gather feedback from our colleagues. We wanted to ensure that our website was compatible with multiple browsers and optimized for mobile view. We went through this process of continual refinement to produce the final version of our website.

After several months of collaborating and fine tuning our website, Vedia officially launched on Friday, September 15, 2017. We are eager to share our services with the world and invite you to reach out to us for a consultation on your next creative project. We look forward to working with you!