Visuals are key to engagement on Twitter. As you quickly scroll through your feed, more often than not, it’s the imagery that catches your eye before the message or headline. Your one tweet, made up of simply 140 characters, is essentially a 3×2” wallet-sized photo fighting for attention against a 25,000 square foot digital canvas in Times Square. So, how do you stand out among all of the white noise? As it’s been proven that Twitter user engagement rate is 5x higher when a photo is included, it’s necessary to include imagery with every single tweet you send outbut what kind? Something funny? Something serious? Just anything? Here are three tips to help you create clean, appealing, and professional imagery that is guaranteed to enhance engagement:

Have a Reason
There always needs to be rhyme or reason to the photos you’re including with your tweets. Every photo attached to a tweet should be representative of the content that you’re posting, whether in a literal or metaphorical way, and be in line with your company’s brand. For instance, if you’re explaining how to enhance engagement through Twitter imagery, show a photo that does just that – a subject that relates to the tweet’s textual content, but also reflects your brand, its style and colors, and looks both clean and professional.

Be Real
Cheesy stock photos are a thing of the past, and for a good reason. There’s nothing more unappealing than a group of “professionals” jumping and smiling in front of an all-white background that looks so unbelievably staged, you think your eyes may start to bleed. Use photos that showcase real situations, convey emotion, and have a unique point of view. Some of our favorite sites for free, high quality imagery are Unsplash, Pexel, and Death to the Stock Photo.

Design Matters
As with everything related to your business, design matters. It’s important to build and maintain a consistent aesthetic throughout all of your print and digital collateral, as it allows your audience to easily identify your brand over time. Photography style, content themes, and colors are three ways to convey your brand visually and establish a cohesive presence on your Twitter account.

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