by Meher Masalawala

It has become important now more than ever to interact and engage with your audience on Instagram. You took the first step by making an account, but how does a business develop a solid supporters base and get recognition amidst millions of other posts? There are many simple but key points to gaining followers, which are important to keep in mind as you grow:

To be relevant you have to be around, which is why your business must post frequently and generally around the same time. Research has shown that 5pm and 2am are high traffic times on Instagram and it is worth posting around those timings. Your tone must also be consistent so the audience can expect a certain type of content from you.

High Quality Content
Quality is better than quantity-You can post multiple times in a day but if your images are not attractive they will receive minuscule engagement. Make sure your pictures are high resolution and bright so they stand out on a user’s news feed and the explore tab. Additionally, make sure the look is cohesive and there is a theme so it looks both creative and professional.

Use #Hashtags
How can the audience find you? Hashtags are a great way to come up in other accounts’ searches and browsing. It is important to use popular ones that are relevant to your post and business. Bonus points if they are funny and creative. They are also a great way to find and interact with new accounts to grow your followers. You can (and should) make your own and encourage the audience to use it but don’t forget to use it yourself!

Not only should you engage with users on your business’ account but also on various other related posts that your audience has shared or liked. At the end of the day, social media is about building community, so you must reach out to your audience everywhere. If there is a call to action on your post, it is even better – something as simple as including the words “like” and “comment” in your caption works, too.

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