As augmented reality (AR) continues to develop and smartphones become increasingly sophisticated, expect to see a rise in marketing that utilizes this technology. Snapchat is one of the most popular applications using AR, and while their technology is quite sophisticated, you can easily apply the same basic principles to your company’s media jobs.

As a medium, video is growing rapidly as people have come to rely on it on every social media platform. Nearly all brands use it to promote themselves and audiences have become accustomed to receiving information this way: boomerangs on Instagram, GIFs on Twitter, and Snapchat stories, just to name a few.

If your company produces more print work than digital work, you can still utilize AR by connecting a video or animation to a static image. The user will simply scan the image using an AR app and the connected video or animation will come to life. Try animating your company logo on your business card, or incorporating a digital snowfall in your company’s holiday card. Brochures, posters, EDDM postcards, and more can all showcase similar effects – the possibilities are endless!

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