Congratulations! You’ve managed to steadily grow your brand on social media, but don’t let all that hard work go to waste by neglecting your website. Essentially, your website is your brand’s home base where all your relevant information and work samples should be housed. Investing in a web designer should be a top priority for all businesses, large and small, to ensure that your site stands out among all the others that your target audience has encountered and exceeds your customers’ expectations. Here are five web design trends for 2018 that you can consider incorporating into your website:

Parallax Design
Bring an element of dimension to your website by incorporating parallax design. In this scrolling technique, the background image moves at a slower rate than the content layered on top which makes the foreground pop.

Tactile Design
The best way to engage an audience is to move them emotionally by appealing to their senses. Tactile design mixes digital and material aspects on a web page, making it appear more human and familiar. Instead of solely relying on graphics, try using images.

Branded Illustrations
Cohesiveness across your brand is extremely important and having unique illustrations that stand out impresses your audience as well. Over time, your audience will begin to easily recognize your brand based on your design elements.

With the rise of interactive design, engaging with the visitors on your site is a smart way to peak their interest and interact with your site. Small details such a swiping, changing images, or animated graphics will all attract your audience.

Single / Infinite Page
Scrolling has become a natural online experience for both desktop and mobile. Consequently, infinite one-page scrolling websites, as opposed to traditional multi-page websites, are becoming increasingly preferable for many users.

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