Interactive PDFs are quickly gaining popularity because they provide an interesting way to communicate information to clients for your business. Gone are the days of static PDFs, you can now make them engaging by adding interactive elements that improve usability in the tech era due to its cross-platform compatibilities.

Catalogs, presentations, portfolios, etc. can all be converted into interactive PDFs since they, “[allow] for embeddable video, quick-links, user navigation and even simple animated features like page-turning.” For a business, these things stand out and make communication easier within the company and outside (for clients). Utilizing these elements saves time for your company and helps organize your information using up to date technology.

These interactive capabilities can even be used on forms that have fillable fields making it easier to fill out and electronic signatures can be added as well, reducing the need for printing on paper. Interactive PDFs can be easily shared and viewed on various devices and browsers with a consistent look on all.

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