by Emily McNally

Packaging design in the food & beverage industry has seriously stepped up its game up in recent years. This industry is a crucial one for packaging design, as items are often displayed right alongside competitors vying for the attention of buyers. When you know your product is going to be on the same shelf as many other similar products, the goal is to create a design that stands out among the rest and ultimately convinces the buyer to choose yours. Even if a buyer has never heard of your product, an appealing packaging design may influence him or her to give it a try. Here are a few of our favorite food & beverage packaging designs:


Halo Top Ice Cream
Packaging Design by:
Peck & Company
This Los Angeles-based creamery nails their packaging with bright, fresh, and colorful designs that immediately convey one of the most important selling points for their health-conscious consumers: calorie count. It’s not even the per-serving calorie count that they prominently display – it’s the calorie count for the entire pint.


Mikkeller Craft Beer
Packaging Design by: Keith Shore
Founded in Copenhagen, Denmark, this brewery uses mascots “Sally & Henry,” along with other unique characters, to create bold, vibrant, and memorable designs on their bottles and cans. While the craft beer world tends to have pretty creative packaging overall, Mikkeller always manages to make an especially striking impression in the aisles.


Chobani Yogurt
Packaging Design by: Chobani in-house design team, led by Leland Maschmeyer, former Chief Creative Officer at Collins
Towards the end of 2017, Chobani revealed a new brand identity and corresponding packaging. The new logo is a smooth, curvy wordmark that captures the wholesome nature of the yogurt company much more successfully than its sterile Art Deco predecessor. Additionally, the off-white background and illustrative artwork on their new packaging further convey the warm essence of the brand. Chobani was already the leading product in its category, and this thoughtful re-brand only further separates it from the pack.

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