Make It or Break It With Social Media

Having a social media presence for your business is a must if you want to maximize brand reach and relevance in today’s world. Not having it will only limit your company’s potential. Keeping social media management in-house is a great start, however, as your company grows, so will your need for multiple channels.

You may soon start to realize that you have almost little to no time to focus on maintaining your social media accounts and updating your content. This is where hiring outsourced experts comes in the clutch. A dedicated social media team will stay on top of ever evolving trends, brand growth and ROI.

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How To Maximize Your Client Engagement

For over 50 years now, we’ve been known for ingenuity and uncompromising commitment to excellent results when it comes to helping clients create a difference through both print and media.

Today is no different. If you’re looking to grow your business or your brand through digital marketing, look for the name that you can trust, the name that’s associated with high quality, good service, and an edge over the competition: VSEEN. After all, you already have a voice and a message – our team of experts will just help you get it out there and turn your ideas into profit-driven results.

Now more than ever, weigh what’s essential & make smart choices.


Video Production: The Secret Behind Your Brand’s Success!

According to research conducted by Cisco, around 80% of all internet traffic stemmed from video content in 2019. We often gravitate towards video content as it can be used for both education and entertainment, as well as marketing.

As time passes, we as creators learn more about how to capture the attention of the masses and drive them towards purchasing specific products and services. Businesses today may possess assets and video footage to promote their companies, but they don’t have the expertise to edit these assets into cohesive and high quality videos. Don’t get left out of the video revolution!

Here are 5 reasons why you should outsource your video production:

1. Experienced Professionals – These individuals have spent a lot of time honing their craft to convey your story in video form. They have the knowledge and experience to create captivating videos that will increase customer engagement.

2. Stay Updated – Outsourcing to companies that focus on video marketing takes the pressure off you because they stay up-to-date with the newest technologies, trends, techniques and equipment.

3. Time and Resources – Save your time and money. Trying to figure out what goes into video production can be complicated. Allow an expert team to create an effective plan to execute your vision. 

4. Eliminate Inefficiencies – Outsource your assets to the creation team and they’ll do the heavy lifting to produce high quality content. 

5. Scalability – Anytime you need to churn out video content, you have a team ready to go on your mark. 

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New York City Is Reopening!

Hope is in the air.

We New Yorkers have flattened the curve & reduced the scourge.

We’ve felt our collective power marching United under the banner of Justice.

We’ve rediscovered our voice, as a people, a city, and a nation.

We’ll defy the doomsayers, and restore New York as the Crossroads of the World.

Let’s strut our stuff and be seen.

To speed things along, Village Print & Media, New York’s iconic Print & Digital Marketing resource, has created a mix of free and heavily discounted print materials to help with your business reopening.

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Whiteboard Animation: Your Next Surprise Marketing Move

Need to get a point across? Have your prospects follow the ballpoint to convey your complex ideas. Whiteboard animation is a compelling way to bring your ideas to life without the use of talking heads or expensive video production. Here are four reasons why you should use whiteboard animations for your next marketing project.

1. The process is simple – all you need are the script, voice-over, storyboard and animator.

2. Cost effective – less overhead to create a two-to-three minute video.

3. Science backs it – viewers tend to retain more information through whiteboard animations versus any other media presentations.

4. Whiteboard animations are naturally viral – an easy-to-absorb animation for all ages. Studies show that viewers are twice as likely to recommend a product or service through these types of videos. 

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Have You Gone Digital Yet?

It’s high time to convert all print communication tools into digital. Catalogs and e-catalogs are effective tools to communicate and educate your audience about your products and services. Having both digital and print assets will elevate your business. But now that everyone is online, digital reigns supreme.

Check out these five BIG reasons why you should transform all existing print catalogs into digital today!

  • More Data – Digital catalogs have more life i.e. quick access to videos, animations & hyperlinks
  • Shareability – With the click of a button, share your content with the entire digital world
  • Anytime, Anywhere – Instant access with the help of mobile devices
  • Cut Costs & Stay Updated – Make it once, stay updated with the times
  • Gateway to Profits – Click through for immediate product-checkout

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